Thursday, January 1, 2099


Welcome to my Java-based article repository! My name is Erik van Altena AKA "gimby". I hail from the Netherlands, but this repository is and will remain entirely in English.

If you came here, you are probably interested in something Java Enterprise, JBoss or Maven related - those are the main subjects of the articles I post here. I don't aim to duplicate what has already been written a hundred times; I try to pick topics that are "beyond the basics" and I feel lack a proper backing by either books or the web. If you see something that isn't right, please post a comment telling me because I do correct and enrich my articles on a regular basis, even the oldest ones. That also means you shouldn't be discouraged by the age of most of my articles - rather than write new articles I tend to keep modernizing and improving the existing ones. As an example: an article that targeted JSF 2.0 will likely be updated to JSF 2.2 eventually.

If you are into Java Enterprise development and you are looking for more information, I seriously recommend also checking out these blogs:

BalusC code (JSF/JSF 2.x/Omnifaces related material)

Devgrok (assorted Java/JEE articles)

Finally - I encourage you to comment but I remove those with a hostile tone, are off-topic or have a link in them that is intended as an advertisement.

Thanks for reading!


This is a little trick I stole from the BalusC code blog; the home page will now always be the one opened by default when you go to this blog site.